This was our little Arlington home.

This is our little Arlington home now!

It has been years in the making, but finally we are seeing progress on the house.

Mickey grew up in this house with her Mother,
Father, two siblings, and dog.

Mickey sometimes misses the old house, but isn't finding much time to miss the past with all of the painting the new house holds for her presently and in the future.


    Someday, there will be double balconies on the front of the house.
However, after the past years of construction, Mickey and Brian
aren't ready to roll right into more construction.  For now this
is what we will have.

















An animated gif of the house going from day 1 to day 45

Remodeling - The House




We (Gal pals, Brian, and Mickey) did the tiling in the bathrooms
(So, please be kind!)

Lavatory sink


Powder room compass

sink faucet in honor of
Brian's Naval Career in the Submarine Force
(it is a dolphin - the old art looking kind - a dolphin fish)

Master bath insert (after)

Master bath floor

Master bath ins
ert (after)

Master bath insert

master bath floor in front of vanity
and in water closet (needs mopping)

water closet (needs mopping)


floor outside of water closet


master bath sink




main bath insert wall
with window and floor

main bath floor in front of vanity and toilet


main bath tub insert (after)

2nd floor south bath floor
2nd floor south toilet

2nd floor north tub insert

2nd floor north vanity


main bath sink

Carlos' beautiful mitered edge

(before they fixed the hood on stove -
at first it was accidentally installed for
vertically challenged people).

Granite counter type
Sink with blue pearl counter



Stove with Boston Market bags!

(after the hood was fixed - raised to a height that
one could actually work on the stove).

Dining in the dining room
(our friends brought the table,
the flowers, the meal, everything,
and the most fantastic
dining experience that
we have had in our new home.)


Our Chandelier that needs
a little tarnishing
Dining room with chandelier
Brian's office (before)

Brian's office after 3 coats of Arlington Green,
still needs more trim paint.   


Brian's office wall with light - the color changes throughout the day.

(To see more nursery photos, go to the Photo Gallery
and click on Nursery Icon)


Brian's office as it is starting to come together.

Front door


Dining room with paint and furniture


Master bedroom Floor and French Doors (green walls)


Master bedroom Windows (green walls)
embroidered rug, under windows is where bed will go.


Master bed

Embroidered Carpet in Master bedroom


Master bedroom

Rosette door lever
Colonial door lever
Mickey's wet saw
stairs to attic from TV room
(removable rail/banister)
stairs to 1st floor from TV room
on 2nd floor

(removable rail/banister)
2nd floor TV room windows
(can see Skyline Buildings
through the trees)

Stairs from back door, leading down to
Brian's deck (for now).  :-)